Storm The World

Lyrics Ruvi New    Melody Bentzi Marcus

Wellsprings are flowing near and far
to bring on the day when
K’o’osi Mar
‘Been making Your דירה
Building Your home
Gathering the sparks
wherever we’ve gone

K’yisroin H’oir Min Hachoishech
But Ad Mosai till Ki Vo Oiraich
Until that final day, when
Umoloh Ha’aretz Dayoh Es Hashem

Mit a Shturem
lets storm the world
Our flag is unfurled
The mayonois are chutzoh
Like never before
Didan notzach
Were winning the war

V’aoilech Eschem Koimemiyus L’artzeinu Hakedoisho
With our heads held high
were marching on
the road to geuloh

Al Tiro
Were crouching no more
K’aryeh Yishog -with a lions roar
We are rising again
Higher then ever before


Ker a velt
Turn over the world
Yomo Vokaidmo
till the call is heard
Ker Avelt Heint
Tzofoina Vonegboh
Let’s light up the night

The Match

Lyrics: Ruvi New       Melody: Chanale Fellig Harel, Bentzi Marcus

It’s three o’clock in the morning, seems the whole worlds’ fast asleep

Yesterday’s gone, now we belong, to tomorrow’s hopes and dreams

But there’s a room where the light still burns, where sleep is oh so rare

He couldn’t rest, so distressed, with so many in despair

This room, some call it Eden, when they enter it they feel

What a purer place the world can be, how the G-dly is so real

And how each of us has our own role that no one else can play

For in me lies a special soul, to guide my path my way


When you came inside this holy room, hoping there to find

A magic pill to cure the ills of a troubled heart and mind

His remedies were words of truth, for just your ears to catch

No he didn’t light your fire, but he gave you the match

There are men of greatness who make you feel small

And there are men so humble, that they make you feel so you tall

They free the greatness inside of you, that you didn’t even know

And now your free to truly see the beauty of you soul


So you can take the match and set ablaze

The power that is you

Or you can just lay low, look back and wonder

Why I never flew

The choice is ever present

To engage or to detach

No, he didn’t light your fire

But he gave you the match